HotCSE Seminar
Computational Science & Engineering
HotCSE Seminar is a academic seminar to bring PhD students in Computational Science & Engineering together to discuss interesting topics. The topics consist of high performance computing, machine learning, data analysis, simulation, computational sustainability, medical informatics, etc.

The talks have always been enjoyable and have ranged from quite informal to formal conference style talks. Either chalks or slides can be used to help people understand your talk. It is also a great forum to practice conference talks and bounce around new ideas.

Currently the talks are sponsored by CSE - the Computational Science & Engineering school. The goal of CSE is slightly broader than that of these talks - we want to bring more people outside CSE to discuss their related work here.

The seminar is held on Wednesday 12:00pm-1:00pm in CODA 1315. Anyone interested to give a talk and participate is welcome!
All talks are free and open to the public. Besides, LUNCH is provided!!!
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This seminar is organized by Students' Association of the Computational Science & Engineering, College of Computing.

Organizing Committee:
Shruti Shivakumar.

Previous Organizing Committee:
Haowen Zhang, Srinivas Eswar, Jinwoo Go and Siddharth Biswal;
Patrick Flick, Elias Khalil, Jiajia Li, and Deanna Richards;
Ramakrishnan Kannan, James Fairbanks, and Mimi Haley.

Contact Us

Please contact HotCSE team , if you'd like to give a talk or have questions about this website.